Richard Lawson

Former Lime Spiders drummer, Richard Lawson, Songwriter, Honey the Band with Rich and Liz
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Richard Lawson kicked around for many years as the drummer from the hugely successful punk rock band, The Lime Spiders. The band smashed it, toured the world, then Rich took off to the country to recover, grow food and live a peasant life.

Now what peasant life would be complete without smashing cymbals, recording gear and guitars filling every space? Spilling all his life experiences into song, Rich has created a lifetime’s catalogue of tracks and recordings, both solo and with guests artists.

His track Valentine’s Day is an Australian classic. Filmed here with a hand made paper set created by acclaimed artist Sam Paine, Valentine’s Day featured as the Title Track from Honey’s debut ep and was selected to screen in the 2016 one eye film festival.



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